Do you ever wonder why women are considered to have postpartum after the delivery of their newborn? Has anyone ever questioned if that was really it? I think its more than a diagnoses the Physician gives women. Can you (whether man or woman) picture yourself banned for six weeks without any type of intercourse or stimulation? Has anyone thought of the possibility it can be a simple dry spell? Something a little sex might fix?

Several studies have been made that sex makes things better. A better mood, a better day, a better person in general. Just think about it. Think about the most miserable person you know. Imagine how happier and more tolerable they may be after some good sex. I’m sure they wont be “miserable” anymore. If you don’t believe me just do some research for yourself. It doesn’t hurt to be more educated on the topic.

So why is it that providers like to diagnose women with postpartum? Maybe to get more money from their insurance company’s for the visits and drugs they may possibly give the women. Even referrals to psychiatrists that they may believe will help them. I think it’s all in the mind. Many questions run through my head when I begin to feel overwhelmed with dealing with so much but then i know once me and my husband get a moment i will feel a thousand times better. Postpartum may not be what everyone thinks it is. Sex may be the answer. Just some food for thought.

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