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An image of an isle with flowers and soft melodies touching the souls of the audience. Everyone stands as the bridal party and groomsmen walk down the isle. The groom stares and becomes awed by his future bride approaching the floral alter. As they respond I do in sync they look back on the present days where bridesmaids seem to drive each other insane and laugh with relief knowing that it all turned it great.

sawA reality that not many young women in my neighborhood growing up get to experience and for that The bride is thankful. The business of days to come and stress that continues to pile up high while anxiously waiting for the day to finally come. Afraid of the unknown events that may take place yet these events of the bride and groom are not what worries her but of her bridesmaids.

Looking at the present time it is questioned how people that are suppose to come together can easily dissagree to certain things because of one persons faults. How one person can seem to be so selfish and want things a certain way as if it were their own wedding. A perspective is what is expected to be received yet it seems like complaints that one does. It seems to be unable to understand.

Reality is what is being spoken of briefly. A statement to share with the world whom reads this that life is precious and continue to move forward. Focus solely on the importance of the bride and groom. Focus on the fun that should and will be. Focus on a union of everlasting life and memories that will be made wether good or bad instead of focusing on selfish wants and fears that will not accomplish anything.

With purpose I write a brief story of the craziness I did not think was possible up until now. Yet I find it amusing and can’t help but laugh because it reminds me of the movies bridesmaids, 27 dresses, and bridezilla. I’m sure there are much more I can not seem to remember at the moment. The events that take place at the present time are entertaining yet stressful. There are more than enough things to worry about so I end with some advice. Never get upset when life is so short. Look forward to tomorrow and do not focus on the past for it can risk the possibility of one staying stuck on the past. Never be selfish. The heart has enough room to continue to grow as well as ones minds. For any occasion, focus on the important things never on the minor. At the end of it all, it will only be you that will remain displeased.

On that note, let the planing proceed!

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