Gender and Society -Blog

It is to my knowledge that many people judge not only on the cover of a book but also the gender of the item. Although this may sound like gibberish, to me it all makes sense.

Why is it that men feel the need to bash a woman for wanting to be more than just a mother, an average 9-5 worker, an ear to be available when the need to vent required?

Why cant a woman be more than the average wife? Maybe an officer? A military personnel? Work two jobs if needed? I see.. A woman with three children needs to solely focus on the home. Cook dinner once arriving home. Help the children with their homework. Bathe the children. Put them to bed. Maybe read a bed time story or two or three. Typical daily living skills a mother conducts while working a 9-5 job and still squeezing in school when possible because college had to be put on hold.

A great support system is never an issue however it becomes an issue when dreams seem possible and almost at your grasp until “through thick and thin” gets mentioned and the fear of a “busy schedule” gets questioned.

A proud woman and a mother of three. Dreams that are possible to achieve. However when gender and society is brought into the mix, it would be normal and okay for the male to be the one taking on two jobs. The one to not be around the family as much or even have a ridiculous work schedule. Society views women, particularly mothers as the ones who should remain home and focus on the nurture vs the man focuses on the nature. The one that takes the lead.

What if tables were turned? What would society say? Many hypocritical comments would be coming my way. Along with every other mother who wishes to accomplish more than beyond her reach. Many have done it yet why is it new when it has to do with me?

Many thoughts flow into and out of my head. The gender roles in society will never come to an end. However I am one that always pushes forward to go above and beyond. I teach my children that we are all one. Women may not be as strong as men but we make up in areas that they can not. We accomplish much more at once and can use our brains often better then them. We are all unique but the work mothers take on conquers all. So let us be and let us live. Let us reach beyond our grasp and if we mess up we simply get up and try it again. 😉

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