A letter in thoughts..

One would never think about how close they are with a coworker until you leave the job and continue to stay in touch with a former colleague. Once you continue to stay in touch you begin to build this trusting relationship and begin to view each other as family. When one person needs something, the other person will assist when possible and vise versa. A sisterly bond is then formed and you become somewhat of bestfriends. As time passes, you speak less however each time you do speak to each other its as if you saw the person yesterday. Then one day comes and you begin to write to your friend asking how they are and you don’t get a response. Thinking its normal since your sister usually does things like that and takes years to respond, you find out the following week that your friend is dead. Your confidant. The person you would always randomly contact to bother will no longer answer your texts or calls. This death has been taking hard on my end. You wouldn’t think it but being close to someone and losing them sucks. Too many deaths in the past year. I wish the people I care about and myself would last forever but that can not be unfortunately. We are not wizards or vampires. We are not Gods. One thing I do know is that the best method to heal my wound is to write when I need too. Paper and pen is my best friend. In this case, keyboard and computer :). Within the past seven months I have lost a lot of people but this one person is the topic of my discussion. I just sit here and think of how amazing it is. A friendship with a colleague you spend most of your time with, you’re bound to be tight. I have cherished every second spent with you my Jen Jen. The memories are what I will try to hold on too until I can not remember anymore. 🙂 We have had some good times and I will continue to view you as a big sister. Here I end my letter.. I miss our crazy conversations 🙂 you and your children are loved. Many blessings to them <3…


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