One of those woman things -Blog

I want to go personal. Real personal. Last night, after an intense session of some baby making, i immediately was in excruciating pain. I mean from pleasure straight to pain on maximum overdrive. Since I have had the IUD for two years the pain in my pelvic area has become an unfortunate commonality after sex, although it doesn’t happen all of the time. When it does happen it sucks. Horribly.

Once we did our thing he turned on the PlayStation (typical guy hobby), and i laid back to watch him play when all of a sudden BOOM! I took a deep breathe and felt the pain creep up then go full throttle on my body. Focusing on my breathing and controlling my pain tolerance, i remembered when my gynecologist suggested i try switching positions until I’m comfortable. I did that to no avail. As the pain got worse I simply remained still. I began having flashbacks of labor and the the contractions i had when my water broke. I tried so hard not to freak out and not freak my husband out but i could not hold it. As i began sobbing i asked him for a warm towel to place on my stomach. He hurriedly provided he towel and placed it on my stomach.

It was a pain that made me weak. It began in my cervix then shot to my stomach. Then it proceeded to my right side. The way I think, I began to think it was my appendix or something else. The pain then continued up through my chest and my neck. In my stomach I felt a burning sensation and then suddenly hungry. It was a rollercoaster of pain that lasted an hour and a half. The warm towel eased the pain slightly to no avail. I was finally able to go to sleep and woke up the next day with slight annoying pain in my cervix and my right oblique. I contacted my Primary Care Physicians office and was directed to contact my gynecologist office who made me an appointment to see her the same day. I explained to her everything. After she did a thorough exam she concluded that it appeared that I ruptured a cyst during sex which caused all the bloating and pain that irritated my body. Doctors orders were pain relievers for the next few days and to give it about two weeks to completely go away and no sex. I thanked her and thought to myself “No sex?.. yeah ok. Once I’m better we’ll be back at it of course ;)”. She also recommended that if it begin to have a fever and vomit then i should return to my Primary Doctor otherwise return in two weeks if the pain persists. So far the pain killers are helping with slight pain as usual. I don’t expect it to be gone overnight but hey I’m glad to know that I can sit down comfortably. Hopefully it’s nothing worse. On that note, welcome to my life. This was just one of those woman things (shrugs shoulders).

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