Potty Training Time -Blog

Have you ever thought that when you have school aged children, you wouldn’t have another one however life blesses you with another? Everything you knew from the previous baby stages comes back and you feel like you’re a pro all over again until it’s time for potty training. (Bum Bum Buuuum!)

I previously potty trained my two daughters and thought it was easy. Since I now have a son i thought, “pfft, how hard could it be?” I was in for a rollercoaster ride. My husband and I began reading articles on potty training, played YouTube videos to show to our son, and read potty time bedtime stories but none of them worked. One night he sat on the toilet and we were excited because he urinated in it but for some reason he never returned to the potty. He would run the moment we would extend an invitation to the bathroom so he could use the potty.

I then decided to enforce the underwear after his second birthday. He appeared excited then pulled them off two minutes later and ran around the house naked. He eventually got use to them but feared them once he had a disgusting accident in them and back to pull ups we went. After a few months we decided to try it out again. He gave us an easier time and kept his underwear on. The first day he had a few accidents. The second day their were leas accidents. The third day even less. On the fifth day he would yell “mommy i have too pee!”, and it was smooth sailing from there!

When it comes to potty training, i noticed you have to allow your tot time to get familiar and comfortable with the potty, underwear, and the process. When my daughters were toddlers i was a stay at home mom so it was easier for me to get them accustomed to potty training. This time around it was different. I had to inform and constantly remind my sons daycare that i was potty training him and needed their assistance while he was there. I packed extra clothing and underwear that you would think he was going away on a mini vacation. Thankfully his day care providers were able to help me potty train him as well and updated me on his progress.

My advice to you parents would be to be on top of the provider that stays with your tot while you’re at work. Make sure everyone is on the same page and speak to your tot constantly. They understand more than what we think they do. Be patient and remember to let them take their time. Additionally, never forget to pack extra clothes and undies (and don’t be as excessive as me-ha!). What can i say? I’m a proud momma that cares about keeping dirty underwear clean. Until next time!

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